Mixup-Transfomer: Dynamic Data Augmentation for NLP Tasks

Lichao Sun*, Congying Xia*, Wenpeng Yin, Tingting Liang, Philip Yu and Lifang He. (* indicates equal contribution.)


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Memory Augmented Zero-Shot Fine-grained Named Entity Typing

Tao Zhang, Congying Xia, Chun-Ta Lu and Philip Yu


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Hierarchical Bi-Directional Self-Attention Networks for Paper Review Rating Recommendation

Zhongfen Deng, Hao Peng, Congying Xia, Jianxin Li, Lifang He and Philip Yu


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Dynamic Semantic Matching and Aggregation Network for Few-shot Intent Detection

Hoang Nguyen, Chenwei Zhang, Congying Xia, Philip S. Yu

Findings of EMNLP 2020

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Composed Variational Natural Language Generation for Few-shot Intents

Congying Xia, Caiming Xiong, Philip Yu1 and Richard Socher

Findings of EMNLP 2020

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Joint Training Capsule Network for Cold Start Recommendation

Tingting Liang, Congying Xia, Yuyu Yin, Philip S Yu

SIGIR 2020

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Multi-Grained Named Entity Recognition

Congying Xia, Chenwei Zhang, Tao Yang, Yaliang Li, Nan Du, Xian Wu, Wei Fan, Fenglong Ma

ACL 2019

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Joint embedding of meta-path and meta-graph for heterogeneous information networks

Lichao Sun, Lifang He, Zhipeng Huang, Bokai Cao, Congying Xia, Xiaokai Wei, S Yu Philip

ICBK 2018

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Zero-shot User Intent Detection via Capsule Neural Networks

Congying Xia, Chenwei Zhang, Xiaohui Yan, Yi Chang, Philip S. Yu

EMNLP 2018

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BL-MNE: Emerging Heterogeneous Social Network Embedding through Broad Learning with Aligned Autoencoder

Jiawei Zhang, Congying Xia, Chenwei Zhang, Limeng Cui, Yanjie Fu, S Yu Philip

ICDM 2017

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